Online Trading

Subscriber Agreements

The HMS TraderPro et HMS TraderGo Online Subscription Tool will allow clients to subscribe to real-time exchange market data for stocks, DMA CFDs, CFDs and futures via the trading platform.
The new tool will not only give easier and faster access to real-time market data, but to the streaming news feeds aswell. In general, the news services will continue to be free, although fees may apply to professional users.
The tool is accessible via the "Online Subscription Tool" option under the "Account" menu of the trading platform.

  • Clients will need to subscribe individually to each exchange if they want real-time market data.

  • Ongoing subscription fees will be billed on the first day of the new month.

  • Should a client stop trading a particular exchange for a period of time then we recommend they unsubscribe to real-time data before the end of the current month to avoid being charged for the following month.

For more details in regards to the functionality of the Online subscription tool click here


Exchange NameAccess LevelNon Professional Monthly FeesProfessional Monthly Fees
BM&FLevel 155.00 USD55.00 USD
CBOE Futures ExchangeDelayed0.20 USD0.20 USD
CBOE Futures ExchangeLevel 12.00 USD2.00 USD
CBOE IndicesLevel 11.75 USD1.75 USD
Euronext Commodities DerivativesLevel 115.00 EUR20.00 EUR
Euronext Commodities DerivativesLevel 215.00 EUR15.00 EUR
Euronext Equity & Index DerivativesLevel 11.00 EUR37.00 EUR
Euronext Equity & Index DerivativesLevel 21.00 EUR34.00 EUR
Euronext Interest Rate DerivativesLevel 131.50 EUR40.00 EUR
Euronext Interest Rate DerivativesLevel 21.00 EUR2.00 EUR
GLOBEXLevel 13.00 USD340.00 USD
GLOBEXLevel 215.00 USD340.00 USD
Hong Kong Futures ExchangeLevel 125.00 HKD25.00 HKD
Hong Kong Futures ExchangeLevel 275.00 HKD25.00 HKD
ICE Futures Europe (ICE)Level 185.00 USD85.00 USD
ICE Futures Europe (ICE)Level 285.00 USD85.00 USD
ICE Futures U.S. (NYBOT)Level 185.00 USD85.00 USD
ICE Futures U.S. (NYBOT)Level 285.00 USD85.00 USD
ICE Liffe (LIFFE)Level 185.00 USD85.00 USD
ICE Liffe (LIFFE)Level 285.00 USD85.00 USD
Kansas City Board of TradeLevel 125.00 USD
Montreal Futures ExchangeLevel 16.00 USD


To trade stocks, DMA CFDs, CFDs and futures on live (un-delayed) prices, a subscriber agreement must be established with each relevant exchange. The vendor of real time live market data is Saxo Bank, Smakkedalen 2 DK-2820 Gentofte Denmark. Therefore the Subscriber Agreement will be contracted between the vendor of the market data and you the subscriber.
HMS LUX S.A. cannot guarantee the confidentiality of the information disclosed by the client when signing the Subscriber Agreement. Therefore, disclosure of such confidential information is the sole responsibility of the client/subscriber.
By electronically submitting the Subscriber Agreement you automatically agree to:

1) Permit HMS LUX S.A. to transmit your electronic Subscriber Agreement to Saxo Bank, Smakkedalen 2 DK-2820 Gentofte Denmark and Saxo Bank reporting this information to each relevant exchange at the end of each month.

2) Acknowledge and accept that HMS LUX S.A. no longer has any responsibility for the data confidentiality which you are disclosing in the above mentioned process.