Online Trading


HMS Trader 2 connects investors to several Futures exchanges from around the world. With over 100 online-traded futures contracts, investors can trade a variety of products, including:

  • Financials: bonds, interest rates, currencies and indices

  • Precious metals: gold, silver (also NY miNYs) and copper

  • Energies: e-miNY energies, crude, heating oils, gasoline and natural gas

  • Agriculturals: softs, meats and grains


In addition to trading and price monitoring, HMS Trader 2 comes equipped with an entire suite of trading and analysis tools to give you insight into the Futures market. Access:

  • Streaming news

  • Market research and analysis

  • Charting and technical analysis tools


For a select number of futures exchanges, HMS Trader 2 provides Level 2 market depth to give you insight into the market's movements. Market Depth displays the five best bid and ask prices directly in the futures trade module.