Online Trading



Views allow you quick, convenient access to any number of screen layouts via tabs along the top of the workspace. For example, you could set up:

  • A trading view, dedicated to frequently-traded or favourite instruments, complete with trade modules, charts, analysis and news for those instruments.

  • An account view, including your current positions and margin, account statement and account reports.

  • An analysis view with market reports from top market analysts.


Within HMS Trader 2, trading modules and tools can be displayed in different formats. The format you choose depends on the module.

  • Documents – a format best-suited for larger tools that contain a lot of information or text. Documents fill the whole screen and form the basis of a view.

  • Panels – a more flexible format that allows modules to be located around the documents, moved around the workspace and even placed outside the workspace if you work with multiple screens.

For full details please refer to our Introduction Guide